Blinded by Fig Leaves

adam-eve-234x300In the Judeo-Christian mythos, the first sin, was an act of disobedience, our direct personal relationship with God was damaged by an act of disobedience, the particular sin being the act of disobedience involving the attainment of forbidden knowledge.

In this context, much of human knowledge is flawed. In the gospel narrative Jesus absolves his tormentors; seen literally as his persecutors and figuratively as the whole human race, by stating “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do”.

Aphorisms about the blind leading the blind seem apt for every period of human history.

Gnostic commentators cynically claim that superior knowledge is the basis for their influence in the world.  Contemporary provocateurs make similar claims, arguing for the imposition of political ideology ‘by force’.

There is a strange conception of knowledge, that it is immutable to human distortion. The word ‘understanding’ illustrates this well. People often take understanding to mean ‘having a wider view of things’.  Understanding, however also refers to the beliefs you ‘stand under’, and the resulting perspectives that flow from that belief.

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Powers and Principalities (banging gongs and clashing symbols)

head-all-principalityFor we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
— Ephesians 6:12

Powers and Principalities, representing two levels of the hierarchy of angelic beings which drive and sustain the created world, the ebb and flow of reason, ideal truths, the flow of emotion, argument and sentiment driving every age.  The basis for notions of balance, justice, truth, spiritual realities not bound by any particular shape of material nature, but having force and effect in every order of creation.

What does it mean to wrestle with such beings ?  Wrestling with angelic beings seems a mythic constant of human life.  Lacking preternatural perfection, balance and grace, we struggle against the appeal of conscience, compassion, rationality, and instead become consumed by the selfish passion, our egos and damaged instincts pulling us toward event horizons of bleak inert emptiness as we are consumed by our self-absorption.

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What is Morality ?

I love the line attached to the epilogue of ‘Song of Bernadette’.  morality2-300x241

“For those who believe, no evidence is necessary, for those who don’t believe, no evidence is sufficient.”

This goes to the heart of interpreting matters of morality, whether religious or secular (there really is no difference, secular morality is as faith based as traditional ‘religious’ morality, the only thing that differs are the articles of faith)

When you are talking about morality, people believe certain actions or lifestyles are morally acceptable or unacceptable.

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