Bankistocracy is the New Ruling Class.

In this age of Bailouts and Credit Crisis, Banking has transparently become the new ruling influence in society.  The replacement of the governments of Italy and Greece with IMF and Goldman Sachs Alumni has made this fact of rule by bank an open secret.  Bankers have for years been accused of driving wars, cynically manipulating foreign and domestic policy, industry and discovery.  Banking as a class of society, whether pre or post industrial has some common historical traits.  Namely that form of influence peddling that seeks to profit from both sides of any dispute, and to manipulate the levers of various systems to drive wealth by rule of scarcity and limited capital resources.

Over the centuries banking as a class of society has become something outside of the normal political process.  In many cases driven by nepotism and dynastic succession.  Banker’s are the ‘Money Kings’ of every age.   The quote attributed to Rothschild, “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.” hints at the sanguine application of the power of banking throughout history as a well demonstrated pillar of political influence.  From the ancient world to the modern world, empires rise and fall, largely through struggles with oligarchic banking elites.

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Injustice, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks

Valerie Plame, Bradley Manning, Oliver North

Valerie Plame, Bradley Manning, Oliver North, poster children for suffering servant narratives used to justify war crimes.

I recognize the ideal and wisdom of ‘saner heads’ attempting to prevail.  But most of the ‘saner-heads’ we see are locked in on hair splitting, fine-tooth-combing attempts to prove wrong-doing in minutae.  The evil bastards who don’t really give a crap about the rule of law, are running circles around all that law and order stuff, committing crimes writ-large, war-crimes and all, and have been doing so for decades, or centuries.

The real bad-asses continue to act with impunity.

If this ‘saner heads’ approach was worth anything, some of the real villains of the past few decades would have seen some serious jail time.

I can appreciate that there’s a lot of education and diligence needed to understand and navigate the lofty, slippery and rocky legal terrain, but, the fact is that its generally only the low-hanging-fruit dumbasses who get caught and made an example of.

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Nursing Homes are Modern Leper Colonies.

nursing home
Nursing homes, and elder abuse are not politically vogue causes, they are a foregone and forgotten conclusion. Old age isn’t pretty, cute or in any way appealing. Nursing homes are a painful reminder of our frail mortality, and our failures as a society.

A way station for humans who serve no useful purpose in the consumer society, segregated from double-income working class families who haven’t the time or resources to care for them, the elderly sit in nursing homes, abused and neglected, medically pacified in many cases, to the point where a lucid elderly person becomes a drooling vegetable because the staff can’t cope or don’t have time to deal with their physical dependence, isolation and emotional needs.

This is the awful by-product of our modern ‘productivity driven’ world, what used to be the domain of families, caring for their elders, has no place in the modern two income family, there is no support structure for the elderly. So their debilitation is sanitized, clinical, anti-septic waiting rooms where they are eased out by soft-policy euthanasia practices, applied through the administration of anti-psychotic medication which pacifies them and shortens their remaining days.
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Blinded by Fig Leaves

adam-eve-234x300In the Judeo-Christian mythos, the first sin, was an act of disobedience, our direct personal relationship with God was damaged by an act of disobedience, the particular sin being the act of disobedience involving the attainment of forbidden knowledge.

In this context, much of human knowledge is flawed. In the gospel narrative Jesus absolves his tormentors; seen literally as his persecutors and figuratively as the whole human race, by stating “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do”.

Aphorisms about the blind leading the blind seem apt for every period of human history.

Gnostic commentators cynically claim that superior knowledge is the basis for their influence in the world.  Contemporary provocateurs make similar claims, arguing for the imposition of political ideology ‘by force’.

There is a strange conception of knowledge, that it is immutable to human distortion. The word ‘understanding’ illustrates this well. People often take understanding to mean ‘having a wider view of things’.  Understanding, however also refers to the beliefs you ‘stand under’, and the resulting perspectives that flow from that belief.

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Powers and Principalities (banging gongs and clashing symbols)

head-all-principalityFor we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
— Ephesians 6:12

Powers and Principalities, representing two levels of the hierarchy of angelic beings which drive and sustain the created world, the ebb and flow of reason, ideal truths, the flow of emotion, argument and sentiment driving every age.  The basis for notions of balance, justice, truth, spiritual realities not bound by any particular shape of material nature, but having force and effect in every order of creation.

What does it mean to wrestle with such beings ?  Wrestling with angelic beings seems a mythic constant of human life.  Lacking preternatural perfection, balance and grace, we struggle against the appeal of conscience, compassion, rationality, and instead become consumed by the selfish passion, our egos and damaged instincts pulling us toward event horizons of bleak inert emptiness as we are consumed by our self-absorption.

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Less like scars and more like Character

“In your hands the pain and hurthidingplace

Look less like scars and more like Character”

–Sara Groves

What if all our notions about character refer to the idea we are defined by our limits.

Where we refuse to accept them, those limits become scars.

Where we do accept them, those limits become character.

The idea in this song is that, in the hands of divine love, altruistic love, the wounds we bear, are less like scars, and more like character.

What ‘being in the hands of divine love’ means is another question, but the implication is that if we live our lives, committed to the idea and reality of altruistic love, even those hurtful ‘scarring’ experiences cease to be wounds and become character instead.

Repression isn’t a solution, it just breeds more jerks

GoalsTo a certain extent a weak response to provocation is just the animal ethos, of the “don’t get between a jerk and their goals”, kind of expedience.

When a person walks into a room, and is physically intimidating, like a bull in a china shop, the physical threat they represent introduces fight or flight physiological reactions.

Affection, attraction and rejection have real physical effects, hormonal responses change our physiology and emotional state.

When a person has taken pains to be attractive they also cause hormonal responses that affect physiological response. It is a terrible ignorance to deny responsibility for the effect we have on others.

It is only modern ignorance that the ‘liberated’ world pretends that toying with affections and attraction is not a form of physical, mental or sexual assault.

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