Thank you for your moral crusade.

hypocrisy meterI am a nurse working in a busy metropolitan emergency unit. I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years, and have worked, medical, surgical, labour and delivery (maternity), intensive care, coronary care, and psychiatry.

I see women coming in for abortion regularly, for many of them out of sheer laziness, forgetting to fill their perscription, or not bothering, or because they were hammered the night they were ‘getting it on’, knowing they can just go to a hospital and get it done. Rape victims are very very rare, and dilation and curettage are routine protocol, as part of rape treatment, effectively ensuring implantation won’t occur.

I’ve heard doctors and nurses bitch about patients’ abusing their own health, and the medical system. These are complaints not motivated by religious conviction, they are based on medical practictioners shaking their heads at a pracitice too political to speak out against, being used by women kept ignorant of the dangers.

I often see women coming in to the hospital with spontaneous abortion for a ‘wanted’ pregnancy. There is a very high correlation between abortions and later fertility difficulties and problems carrying a child to term, yet these issues cannot be discussed medically, since that would be playing to the ‘pro-life’ argument.

I am addressing these issues today as problems within a medical framework heavily politicized on both sides.

Consider however, that the pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest in promoting contraception, and abortion politically, it is big business.

If I walk today through the maternity wards of almost any hospital in North America, what do you think I’ll find in the fertility and contraception guides provided by the hospital. That the company printing that ‘guide’ is a pharmaceutical company.

I met a couple that had started practicing a natural method of contraception involving observation of the medical symptoms of fertility. This method was originally researched and presented by a husband and wife team, (both Doctors), and has since been improved upon by further medical research and understanding.

Essentially the method consists of observation of the state of the vaginal discharge during the menstrual cycle. It is an extremely effective non-medically-intrusive way to practice contraception, yet this method of contraception gets very little airtime. Do you know why that is ? Because there is no money to be made from it.

Doctors and aid workers have taught this method inside poverty stricken countries to illiterate women and helped them control their pregnancies with an extremely high degree of success, yet the western awareness of this program is almost nil, and is treated with disdain and mockery when it is discussed at all.

I’ve used it for 15 years now to plan or avoid my own pregnancies. I know it works, its a basic observation of the medical symptoms of fertility, which are pretty obvious. Why not write that up. Look up ‘Billings Method’, and others like it, natural contraception that does not require lining the pockets of big pharma.

There is a long list of medical side effects to abortion and contraception. I’ve seen young women stroke, and suffer serious DVT (deep vein thrombosis), sometimes with loss of limbs, from prolonged use of the pill and related pharmacological agents. I’ve been on the pill, it was not ‘fun’, and for what, so my boyfriend could screw me anytime he felt like it with consequences for him. Yay, what freedom!

I’ve seen women coming in for their 5 or 6th miscarriage, which co-incidentally occurs during the same timeline of that first trimester abortion they had when they were young. Incidence of miscarriage for a woman with therapeutic abortion in her medical history are extremely high.

In most cases that first pregnancy sets a ‘hormonal template’ for a woman’s body, an interruption of that ‘template’ is ‘remembered’ by the bodies’ hormone systems, vital for managing pregnancy, and later repeated in subsequent pregnancies. How is that ’safer’ or ‘liberating’ for women. Believe it or not, hormone systems do have a ‘high water mark’ feedback methodology that the body ‘remembers.

Often young women aren’t seriously, and regularly warned (except in fine print–for liability reasons) against the contra-indications for contraceptive pharmacology. Why ? Because that might affect sales.

Gynecologists who out of negligence or sheer incompetence, harm or cause the death of women receiving abortions are being protected from malpractice suits for botched abortions, for fear of setting legal precedent. How is that better than the back-alley coathanger scenario so often portrayed ?

I’ve held the hands of women crying their hearts out because they miscarried again and don’t understand. It breaks my heart, I try to comfort them. I want to rail against the doctor that prescribed or surgically performed that string of abortions they had as a teen.

How are these women ‘liberated’. Once again women are victimized, and yes we may have avoided that pregnancy, and gotten our boyfriend ‘off the hook’, but we still get stuck with the consequences. How is that better for women ?

Why don’t you spend some of that passionate invective and social concern looking at the influence the pharmaceutical industry has on the abortion and contraception debate. Or you could look at how the abortion debate is being used as a political wedge by corporate criminals to hamper serious and democratic discussion on many social issues.

I know there are a lot of looney people arguing both sides of the choice-abortion debate, my big concern is that medically this issue is being side stepped because of the politics, and I have to deal with it almost every day, and am not allowed to have any opinion on the abuses I see because the politics of the issue jeopardizes my career.

Thank you for your moral crusade, maybe you should spend some time in an emergency ward holding some hands yourself.