Pessimism and Patrick FitzGerald

verbatim_fitzgeraldI don’t know what the outcome will be, but if the blogs are are any indication, amongst the net bourgeois, the anticipation is high. I’d be curious to know what demographic bloggers represent. My own survey of co-workers, colleagues, friends and acquaintences puts a significant majority in the ‘I’m apathetic but suspicious of all political authority and commentary’ range, with a strident margin of folks buying into the Neo-Con talking points, and a furtive few avid followers of the controversies and conspiracies surrounding U.S. foreign and domestic policies.

In general those furtive few are brow beaten into compliant silence by accusations of being ‘conspiracy theorists’, while the rest are in the ‘I don’t scatter pearls before swine’, mode and will only whisper in hushed tones with other members of the ‘conspiracy elect’.

The events surrounding Plamegate left me wondering early on. “Who is this ‘Joe Wilson‘, character anyway” ? He seems to have stirred up quite a fuss for the seemingly criminally inclined Bush/Neo-Con administration, which to all appearances is quite capable of underhandedness, it seems hard to believe that it was ‘single-handedly’.

I’m sure that there are theories that deepen the plot, such as those listed in CitizenSpook, or Rigorous Intuition, but without putting too deep a claim to those ideas, I wonder if the small fish are being handed over in what might be a bigger game.

Given the alleged potential for criminal activity, lies, intimidation and murder/suicide/accidental death amongst those with machiavellian inclination, it seems a wonder to me that a single prosecutorial appointee could dig so deep into the vipers nest without getting bitten.

This curious invincibility of Patrick Fitzgerald leaves me wondering if he has a larger/bigger viper protecting him from the smaller snakes of Washington. Didn’t someone mention Washington being a swamp.

Personally I find it difficult to believe that justice, truth and honesty will prevail, out of the thoroughly corrupted apparatus of U.S. Gov’t and its various estates. In the larger sense I am optimistic of providence in human affairs, but in the short term I’m not holding my breath to see ‘justice’ finally govern in U.S. politics.