Bankistocracy is the New Ruling Class.

In this age of Bailouts and Credit Crisis, Banking has transparently become the new ruling influence in society.  The replacement of the governments of Italy and Greece with IMF and Goldman Sachs Alumni has made this fact of rule by bank an open secret.  Bankers have for years been accused of driving wars, cynically manipulating foreign and domestic policy, industry and discovery.  Banking as a class of society, whether pre or post industrial has some common historical traits.  Namely that form of influence peddling that seeks to profit from both sides of any dispute, and to manipulate the levers of various systems to drive wealth by rule of scarcity and limited capital resources.

Over the centuries banking as a class of society has become something outside of the normal political process.  In many cases driven by nepotism and dynastic succession.  Banker’s are the ‘Money Kings’ of every age.   The quote attributed to Rothschild, “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.” hints at the sanguine application of the power of banking throughout history as a well demonstrated pillar of political influence.  From the ancient world to the modern world, empires rise and fall, largely through struggles with oligarchic banking elites.

Bill Hick’s award winning documentary  “The Secret of Oz” outlines the history of the struggle between European Banking elites, as a pivotal aspect of the American War for Independance (from european banking) and discusses how that war was actually lost a century after the fact, with the formation of central banking.

Hick’s documentary also illustrates the role banking has played in the ancient world, and contrasts that with more recent history in discussing much of the supposed revolutionary foundations of the western world.

Both documentaries, Money as Debt, and The Secret of Oz, are must watch films for anyone wanting a good foundation for understanding modern history, and the role banks play throughout the ages.   Bankistocracy is a newly coined term which best describes this predatory class of society.


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