Injustice, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks

Valerie Plame, Bradley Manning, Oliver North

Valerie Plame, Bradley Manning, Oliver North, poster children for suffering servant narratives used to justify war crimes.

I recognize the ideal and wisdom of ‘saner heads’ attempting to prevail.  But most of the ‘saner-heads’ we see are locked in on hair splitting, fine-tooth-combing attempts to prove wrong-doing in minutae.  The evil bastards who don’t really give a crap about the rule of law, are running circles around all that law and order stuff, committing crimes writ-large, war-crimes and all, and have been doing so for decades, or centuries.

The real bad-asses continue to act with impunity.

If this ‘saner heads’ approach was worth anything, some of the real villains of the past few decades would have seen some serious jail time.

I can appreciate that there’s a lot of education and diligence needed to understand and navigate the lofty, slippery and rocky legal terrain, but, the fact is that its generally only the low-hanging-fruit dumbasses who get caught and made an example of.

Over the last few decades of U.S. gov’t wrongdoing, how many serious internationally and politically evil american badasses have been successfully prosecuted ? And how much discovery legal or journalistic was simply swept under the carpet, for an uncaring, bleating public whose attentions are fed on a steady diet of televised sensational crap, like american idol or dancing with the stars.

It’s like we keep hoping to stumble on some scandal so offensive it shocks that uncaring bleating public into a political lynch mob of epic proportions, forcing media, and legal powers into action.

But that assumes that those media and legal powers aren’t already hopelessly compromised.

I followed the Valerie Plame/Scooter Libby treason story closely, and after the dust has settled, valerie Plame, like Oliver North and Iran Contra, ended up being just the pretty face to hide the scandal.  Now we have this innocent looking kid, Bradley Manner, again in uniform, whose story has consumed more spans of attention than any of the wrong-doing exposed by wikileaks.

Coming to Bradley’s rescue are the plucky ‘progressive’ stalwarts, still frittering around the edges of due process hoping for a brittle chink in the legality armoring the same evil bastards, who routinely demonstrate how supple those laws are as they bend the law every which way to achieve their aims.

What are they seriously hoping to achieve, except the self-contratulatory perpetuation of the myth of effective ‘progressive’ opposition arising from people who sit around poring over text, looking for a revelation to liberate them from oppression.

If and when any opposition ever arrives to the current generation of evil bastards, it won’t be from the plucky librarian type diligently poring over text, that rouses the rabble to string the bastards up.

It will be the mob of angry semi-literate television watching herd animals, outraged beyond any counsel saner heads can offer.


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